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Osiyo, welcome to every person of a good heart.

(Photo - Left)
Cherokee Members visit the tomb of Sequoyah in 2002 near Zaragosa, Mexico.

It is with pleasure we welcome you and your families and friends to our tribe. We want to thank you for your interest in the Cherokee Nation of Sequoyah. We are a growing celebration of Cherokee heritage and look forward with great happiness to you becoming a member of our tribe and joining in the fun.

(Photo - Right)
Cherokee members were well received by the Citizens of Zaragosa at an annual festival and parade in 2002.

Over the past 10 years, we have been a source for those who feel the need of wanting to enjoy the Cherokee culture and to take pride in its history, and the many wonderful stories about the Cherokee ancestors have come from people and families just like yours.

(Photo - Left)
The Cherokee members were front and cente ready to kick off the 2002 Calbagata in Mexico.

All of every person's stories are priceless among all Cherokees, as we respect all of those persons who came before us; their stories activate a commonality in the sense of belonging to a tribe and a bond of friendship through the experience of family historys. For this is the spirit which binds us all together.

(Photo - Right)
Cherokee members gather around the ancient ruins and hot springs near Zaragosa, Mexico.

Our membership procedure is strictly a process that allows us to document and organize the large numbers of interested applicants. The first step is this simple membership application. This will allow us to contact you and learn more about you and your family.

(Photo - Left)
Cherokee members stood out amoung the 10,000 Mexican horsemen of the 2003 Calbagata.

This easy to fill out application will allow us to create a Cherokee name based upon talking to you and reading your family stories, or if you already have a Cherokee name that you have outgrown, we can get to know you and, through the winds that carry all things good, we will work with you to rename you. Most people prefer our White Chief to name them, as that seems to be a correct name fit every time.

(Photo - Right)
Members stay warm dancing the Stomp Dance around a campfire on a cold night in Mexico.

All new members will also be a part of one of the seven clans of the Cherokee Nation of Sequoyah so that when you come to our festivities and gatherings, you will have a chance to meet with other clan members, the same as it was done thousands of years ago.

(Photo - Left)
Cherokee women members chose this wagon at the 2002 Governor's Calbagata.

Every year there will be gatherings and ceremonies performed by the tribe, and all family members of any age are welcome, for that is what the Cherokees are about, "togetherness of the people". In ancient times, should the parents die, it was impossible to be an orphan, for the Cherokees had no word for orphan; all the adults are the mothers and fathers of the children-- in fact, grandmothers and grandfathers were interchangeable as needed by the circumstances of life's changes.

(Photo - Right)
The Peace Pipe ceremony is for all members who wish to join in.

Please return this application via email or postal mail and the White Chief, Waterhawk Garrett himself, will read it and respond to your application, and be in communication with you, to lead you on the white path back to the tribe of your ancestors.

Please expect at least a 12-18 month delay... but until then, you can tell people you are ONE OF US!

"Look forward to uplifting times."
Regan Waterhawk Garrett
The White Chief of
Cherokee Nation of Sequoyah

copyright 2012 Cherokee Nation of Sequoyah
     Must have permission to use or reprint by Charles Jahtlohi Rogers MD.

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