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Chief Charles Jahtlohi RogersSequoyah

If you’re not a Cherokee language speaker, or you know a few words and wish to know enough Cherokee to use with your family and friends and finding time to study has been a problem, then the great Sequoyah and chief Charles Jahtlohi Rogers have a special gift for you that’s really fun - a game named “Sequoyah”. Just start by clicking the game box, then print the contents - 10 player cards and 54 phonetic cards of Cherokee words written in English. You and your whole family - kids too - can play and learn Cherokee while ar the same time having lots of fun!

Simply cut out the 54 phonetically written Cherokee word cards. Place them - face down - in the center of the table. Each player takes a turn drawing a card and pronouncing the Cherokee word aloud. All players look for that word on their player boards. If they find it there, they mark it with a coin. When they have four words in a row, they shout “Sequoyah!” and win that round. Reshuffle and play again. Play as many rounds as you want to. There are 14 different Cherokee word games with approximately 400 nouns and 300 phrases. Now,you and your family can learn and live your heritage. So you will be, as Sequoyah hoped, reading and writing Cherokee.

Use your computer to print these games by clicking on the game boxes below. After you click on a box, print the contents. It will print a total of 18 sheets: 10 player boards and 8 pages containing 54 phonetic word cards. Cut out the cards, but do not cut the player boards! The cards are the size of playing cards and are numbered 1 through 54 at the bottom left hand corner.

You and your whole family - kids too - can play and learn Cherokee while at the same time having lots of fun!

May Uh nay klah nah hey, God, the one creator of all things bless you and your family and may learning to use this ancient language bring you enjoyment and togetherness, as are my intentions.
Chief Charles Jahtlohi Rogers MD.

NOTE: You will need Adobe Reader in order to read the files. If you do not have it you may download it for free HERE.

Game 1
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Game 2
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Game 3
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Game 4
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Game 5
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Game 6
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Game 7
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Game 8
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Game 9
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Game 10
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Game 11
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Game 12
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Game 13
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Game 14

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